How We Work

We know and understand the amount time and hassle business owners have to go through to be in compliance for sales tax, bookkeeping, payroll and much more.

Every time, they get a letter from IRS or different agencies, it become headache and most of the time business do not know what to do and where to go ask for help.

This is where we come and help business owners take away these headache. so that you can focus on your business and we keep your books clean and maintained. We are virtual bookkeepers utilizing the latest cloud based accounting technology. Which means your books will be always be available on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.

Why Hire Virtual Bookkeeper

The simplest answer is easy that hiring virtual bookkeeper is very economical and cost effective. Imaging hiring someone to come to your office, work couple of hours on daily and weekly basis. How much are they going to charge you? You will have to pay thousand of dollars to keep in-house to employee to do your bookkeeping. Even with this much amount of money, you may not get the expertise needed to do the proper bookkeeping and keep your books clean and ready for tax filing etc.

When you hire a virtual bookkeeper, you only pay a fraction of cost which you incur when having a in-house employee. We, at Noor Infotech, have years of industry experience and expertise which is needed to do the best job.

Given the cost, most small business owners are not able to afford and do not need a in-house bookkeeper. You can hire us to do your bookkeeping.

Our Services

We keep your books current, categorize transactions on weekly basis, reconcile all accounts and send financial reports on monthly basis.

We can setup, administer, and run your payroll weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as needed. We can also only administer and oversee your payroll

We can file your sales tax return on monthly or quarterly basis as needed in all 50 states.

Personalized Solution

We understand bookkeeping and payroll is difference for each business. We do discovery call, understand your business and provide our solutions and services

Cloud-Based technology we use

We are 100% virtual cloud-based bookkeepers. We the best and most reliable accounting technology. Here are some of the technology we use for our clients.