Why Website Need to be Mobile Responsive?

According to the latest statistics, about 70-90% of all website activity is done on the Mobile devices. Most people browse the website, find service location, do shopping and all on their mobile devices instead of going to the desktop. 

So, what does it mean for the Business owners? 

Business owners need to make sure their website is compatible on the mobile devices. Users are able to easily navigate and find information and services they are looking for. If it is an e-commerce website, then the shopping experience need to be smooth. 

According to research, users spend about 1 second or less browsing a websites and bounce back. Within this short amount of time, your website has to be attractive and display information correctly to catch users attention and keep them on your website.

All of our websites are mobile responsive. Please contact us and we will help with your current website or a new one.

SEO Effects and Google

Google ranks website higher which are mobile responsive, as most of the traffics are generated through mobile devices. Also, the websites which are built using the mobile-first frameworks are ranked higher.

In conclusion, your website has to be mobile responsive and adaptive to different devices to achieve the desired results such as:

  • More lead generations
  • Higher Google Ranking
  • Better user experience for your customers
  • Adopting to the latest technology
  • and much more

Contact Us and We will help throughout the whole process of building your website and maintaining them.

Technology and CMS

We mostly utilize WordPress CMS (content management system) to build responsive websites. There are many other frameworks and CMS that can be utilized depending your needs

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